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 Welcome to Marlin Patrol Sportfishing website!


Experience world class sportfishing in mexico.



This page is dedicated especially for people like you, who are looking to spend a pleasant day in the company of sun, sea and good atmosphere. Marlin Patrol Sportfishing guarantees live the best of experiences in sport fishing.

Our company is located in a beautiful place: Cabo San Lucas, also called the "Marlin Capital of the World," town known for its hospitality. Here is fished mainly: Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Marlin, Sailfish and Wahoo. It held tournaments like the Bisbee, a tourist attraction in Los Cabos and meet many people from different places.



The deep blue waters reflect  the sun

when suddenly the waters explode, 

the line starts screaming off the reel

as a trophy fish tailwalks

across the water.

wheather you are

a first time fisherman

or an experienced angler 

the excitement is high

as you take the fishing rod.


It is now you against

the magnificent game fish.




You are in Mexico and a


world class trophy is on you line.





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Marlin Patrol Sportfishing



We are a special team in sport fishing,

we are located at the main pier behind the Dolphinarium, second gate  in the Marina Los Cabos.

 Our services range from half day to full day fishing on boats from 23 to 42 feet. All boats are fully prepared like our sailors and the captain so you have nothing to worry about and enjoy the journey.